November 5, 2013

RENAMING CEREMONY (November, 2013)

We finally had a ceremony to rename the current name of our boat. One must do a proper ceremony to ensure safe passage and favorable winds. 

We purged the old name 'Kristinly' and asked Neptune and the God winds to bless the new name of 'Alpenglow'. Our neighboring sail friends joined us in the celebration. Lots of champagne was poured and cake was served.

What a wonderful day !
Hints for cruisers:  
1- We stayed at the Boat yard at 519 Deagles Road in Deltaville, VA.  It has laundry, showers, and a loner truck.  It is a good boatyard and it is rough.  I've seen better but they are friendly and very helpful. 
2- The airport is more than one hour away.  You can get a car from Enterprise, ask them for a corporate rate reduction.

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