December 5, 2015


You can tell that Christmas is just around the corner.  Xmas lights  are being set up in trees all around town.  Unfortunately, they won't be lighting them for another few days.

One night, we had beers at Papa's restaurant and bar, owned by a Swedish guy who's really into hockey.  Turns out that the Montreal Canadiens were playing against the Ottawa Senators in Montreal that night !   Next to me, was sitting Yalmar, a Swedish sailor on s/v Flying Penguin.  Turns out we saw his boat a couple of years ago near Musha Cay in the Bahamas with our friends on s/v Harmonium Cays.  Small world indeed.  Yalmar owns a condo in the Lagoon in St-Martin.  He invited us for cocktails.  When we get there, we'll surely take him up on it.  

While watching the hockey game, two local guys were playing guitar none stop for 3+ hours.  I find it's a real treat when you don't expect free live local entertainment.  A 3rd guy came along and was playing the yukilaly then suddenly left.  On the way back to our boat, at the dinghy dock, a guy next to a white van with a red light blinking on top asked us if we were at Papa's. We said "Yes".  He said, "I'm the guy who was playing the lukilaly and sorry I had to leave so fast".  Turns out he's the ambulance driver and there was a stabbing he had to attend to.  We asked if there was a hospital on the island.  He said no, but that the coast guard was arriving to pick up the guy and bring him to Kingstown in St-Vincent.  I asked, where's the guy now ?  He said, in the ambulance behind you.  As we were leaving, the coast guard arrived.  I'm just glad the guy in the ambulance didn't come out after us !  Ahhhh, just another night in the Caribbean Islands I guess.

We had a nice walk towards Peggy's Rock and visited a most beautiful resort called Bequia Beach Hotel.  My favorite would be a beach side cottage for only $500 US a night.  I have very good taste indeed.

You may want to look at my blog for Bequia dated May 2015 for more details.


  • Maria's cafe has a laundry mat on the side of the cafe at street level.  You can do your own laundry here and get free wifi (from the cafe).  Cost me $48EC for 2 washes and 2 dryers.  Laundry in the Carib is expensive but cheaper if you do it yourself.  Beware, many places say they have laundry but it's laundry services where you cannot do laundry yourself.
  • Papa's restaurant/bar is one of my favorites.  They have a nice view of the harbor.  Try their sour sop ice cream.
  • The fruit and vegetables the vendors sell come mostly from St-Vincent.  Best to go the day they arrive from St-Vincent, otherwise they get ripe really fast.
  • Must go to Dorris's gourmet grocery store.  There you will find things you wouldn't find anywhere else but be warned, it's pricey.  They have fresh mint for your mojitos :).  You'll find frozen meat and fish in the big freezers.
  • If you want to buy a batik, there's a beautiful batik shop in town.  Expect to pay $49 US +++.     

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